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Kenya Fisheries
In a Private Public Partnership, is developing an Electronic Inspection and Traceability system

» AfriTrace Report
3rd African Food Safety conference Report held on 13th - 15th October 2009

Tanzania Coffee Board Tracesoft has completed a pilot to introduce effective traceability mechanisms linked to market access


Minimizing counterfeits and promoting patient safety
Through a pilot agreement in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, Government of Kenya, Tracesoft is deploying an infrastructure for tracking and tracing pharmaceuticals in the Kenyan supply chain with the intention of minimising counterfeit by up to 60% and providing a system for efficient product recalls whenever necessary. The infrastructure, MedicoTracker, is delivered through simple unique identification registry, tracing, tracking and authentification techniques. The platform has been designed using GTnet as the backbone for traceability data, in addition to other application components
MedicoTracker consists of the following components:

  • Unique identification of pharmaceutical trade units, logistic units, locations, and assets.
  • Capturing and recording traceability data with bar codes/ RFID.
  • Links management linking in-bound materials through changes to new out-bound traceable items.
  • Data communication sharing product and traceability data between trading partners.

TraceSoft appreciates that any technology intervention needs to be combined with other measures including tough legislation and regulations against counterfeiting, rigorous enforcement, stiffer penalties, and diligent surveillance on the part of the authorities and healthcare providers.

MedicoTracker presents the pharmaceutical industry with a platform through which they can begin to contain the counterfeit menace and also platform from which consumers authenticate information on pharmaceuticals.

We feel the effects against counterfeit will be gradual and will only peak when all players in the pharmaceutical speak with one voice, using one standard and share a common platform to exchange supply chain data. MedicoTracker aims to be the platform through which players can exchange, trade and transaction data that can be authenticated and available to consumer scrutiny.

This pilot demonstrates that it is practical, possible and feasible to deploy an integrated track and trace platform in the Pharmaceutical value chain and is aimed as a best practice bench mark for other pharma supply chains.

» Case Study
The Problem
Difficulties in forecasting its cash flow projections due to price fluctuations

The Assessment
Production Staff Process and manual processes increasing level of errors

The Solution
Internal computerized production and traceability system was developed and implemented successfully
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