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Kenya Fisheries
In a Private Public Partnership, is developing an Electronic Inspection and Traceability system

» AfriTrace Report
3rd African Food Safety conference Report held on 13th - 15th October 2009

Tanzania Coffee Board Tracesoft has completed a pilot to introduce effective traceability mechanisms linked to market access

Trade Facilitation

African producers face numerous logistical challenges in a bid to get their products to the market on time. In the Agri-food industry, quality is very much a function of time and supply chain efficiency because of the perishable nature of goods

Our Export manager allows producers to access all the documents they require from authorities and service providers online in-order to prepare their products for shipments therefore significantly reducing time to market through the elimination of unnecessary travel to authorities for inspection and export documentation.

These documents may also be accessed by the customer in the country of destination for faster clearance of the producer’s consignment. On the overall the solution serves to reduce the costs incurred in red-tape, travel and communication. We partner with various government agencies and service providers to provide information in a consistent and timely fashion.

In addition we provide authorities and service providers with tools to document and avail quality inspection data and documents from the field for their customers and for internal management

» Case Study
The Problem
Difficulties in forecasting its cash flow projections due to price fluctuations

The Assessment
Production Staff Process and manual processes increasing level of errors

The Solution
Internal computerized production and traceability system was developed and implemented successfully
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