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Kenya Fisheries
In a Private Public Partnership, is developing an Electronic Inspection and Traceability system

» AfriTrace Report
3rd African Food Safety conference Report held on 13th - 15th October 2009

Tanzania Coffee Board Tracesoft has completed a pilot to introduce effective traceability mechanisms linked to market access

Traceability Solutions

We offer traceability Solutions through the Global Traceability Network(GTNet) developed by Trace Tracker. GTNet is a subscription-based service that offers any company in the same food-producing chain a set of functionalities tied to products, raw materials and ingredients used, produced or transported in the chain. Since the subscription-based service lives on the Internet, it is not necessary to install any software. All subscribers need is an Internet browser. If data is to be loaded automatically from the company’s own computer system, then analysis and configuration of this interface is needed.

Before our Enterprise System can be fully deployed inside an organization, key personnel in the organization have to walk through some processes together with TraceSoft traceability experts:

  1. Traceability Survey - it is necessary to determine the level of internal traceability already in place in the organization. The survey may some times conclude that there is a need to re-engineer some internal processes and/or do something at the IT-level with how information is being logged.
  2. Data Mapping - when the level of internal traceability is found sufficient, the data from the organization's internal systems must be mapped onto TraceTracker's flexible traceability model. Part of this mapping is done to decide which data should be uploaded to the Enterprise system.
  3. XML export - the result of the above data mapping, leads to an XML format which can be used to export data and process-information from the internal systems.
  4. Testing - the testing involves the production of XML files according to the above format and loading these files into the Enterprise system. Usually a number of iterations with the customer's IT personnel are necessary to get everything right. While this testing takes place, the organization may view their data through the web interfaces of an Enterprise System set up for testing purposes.
  5. Automation - when the testing is finished, the production- and loading of the XML file should be automated as much as possible - if not already done (this may be done in parallel with the above). TraceSoft provides advanced tools and interfaces to facilitate and implement this automation.

TraceSoft Has the different skills needed to facilitate these processes. In addition, TraceSoft is responsible for all training and educational material and courses, as well as documentation and support.

» Case Study
The Problem
Difficulties in forecasting its cash flow projections due to price fluctuations

The Assessment
Production Staff Process and manual processes increasing level of errors

The Solution
Internal computerized production and traceability system was developed and implemented successfully
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