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Kenya Fisheries
In a Private Public Partnership, is developing an Electronic Inspection and Traceability system

» AfriTrace Report
3rd African Food Safety conference Report held on 13th - 15th October 2009

Tanzania Coffee Board Tracesoft has completed a pilot to introduce effective traceability mechanisms linked to market access


TradeXpress is suite of applications and services to the Agri-food sector that supports producers in order to reduce time to market, time to transact, reduce trade logistical costs and improve earnings and efficiency. We use various open source technologies to customize solutions for trade facilitation within the context of developing economies where investments in effective ICT solutions are far beyond the reach of producers. These applications are based on web based open source technology while conforming to Global standards.

Together with various service partners, TradeXpress delivers various supply chain optimization applications and services to the Agrifood sector including Fresh produce, Flowers, Coffee, Tea, and Fish. The services include:

  1. Quality Inspection and certification management
  2. Trade document processing  
  3. Export document processing
  4. Fleet management and tracking
  5. Cold chain monitoring
  6. Farmer/supplier SMS communication
  7. Consolidated procurement
  8. Electronic Payment
  9. Building quality ‘traceable brands’ for export

The Net centric applications provide opportunities for cost sharing amongst producers by eliminating huge investments required for hardware, software and resource costs. The applications are based on a pay per use making them accessible and affordable to the producers. The nature of applications  eliminate a large amount of time consuming paper based transactions related to transportation, communication, inspection and export document processing and therefore reduced trade costs.

» Case Study
The Problem
Difficulties in forecasting its cash flow projections due to price fluctuations

The Assessment
Production Staff Process and manual processes increasing level of errors

The Solution
Internal computerized production and traceability system was developed and implemented successfully
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